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Optimize desk usage effortlessly for enhanced workplace productivity and collaboration.
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Why workplacify?

The first open-source, self-hostable desk scheduling platform. Helping your employees to get their favorite desk and optimize your office spending with advanced analytics.

Desk scheduling

Ever had too many people in the office? We got you covered.

Office management

Manage multiple offices, with multiple floors. Perfect for growing companies.

Office analytics

Want to save costs on office space? Our analytic tools will help you do just that.

Floor planning

Assign desks to your floors and create outstanding floor maps.


Self-host our software and customize it to your needs. We are open-source!

Plans that fit your organization

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Predictable pricing. No hidden fees. No usage fees or pricing per employee.

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per 10 users/month

Taxes might apply additionally

  • Create up to 10 offices

  • Upload up to 50 floors

  • Invite up to 200 colleagues

  • Desk scheduling

  • Invitation templates

  • Coming soon

  • Basic Workplace Analytics

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Large companies

> 200 employees



per 10 users/month

Taxes might apply additionally

  • Create unlimited offices

  • Upload unlimited floors

  • Invite unlimited colleagues

  • Desk scheduling

  • Coming soon

  • Advanced workplace analytics

  • Slack integration

  • Monthly email reports

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Tailored to your needs.

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  • Create unlimited offices

  • Upload unlimited floors

  • SSO

  • Self-Hosting support

  • Workplacify creates your floor plans

  • Coming soon

  • 25+ communication templates

  • custom SSO providers

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